Share Social

Empower your Brand Ambassadors.

Finally, a way to easily provide content
for your team to share on social media.

Curious much?

You are about to make a huge announcement
and you would like for all your team to post
about it on their own social media.
Well, you are just a push notification away!

Or perhaps your team is posting content and statements out of compliance?
Hm.. Lucky for you!
Share Social is here to make your valuable content and DNA be properly represented.

Share Social drastically simplifies the process of providing and distributed content to your team as well as the sharing process.

How does it work?



When you go to get started, you will choose your account type. Business or Nonprofit.


Each organization gets a subdomain on
For instance, our demo is at "".


Using your dashboard, you can invite other users to view or help manage content. You can also setup your tint color and logo.


Get the free "Share App Social" app from the App Store.
To try, use the team name "demo" for a sample.


After you create your account you will be able to choose your plan.

Authentication and pricing is optimized for each market.
Churches & Non-Profits
*Free Trial

Pricing for Businesses

People will use an email to sign in.
Content is only viewable by your users.

First 5 Users
No Credit Card Required
Start now for Free!
Tier 1
First 50 Users
Per User / Month
Tier 2
250 Users
Per User / Month
Tier 3
Up to 500 Users
Per User / Month

Pricing for Churches & Non-Profits

Uses a simple team name to sign in.
No user management required to view content.

Free Trial
14 Days
See how easy it is!
Start now for Free!
Less than 300 Attendees
or $89 annually
Less than 750 Attendees
or $320 annually
Less than 2000 Attendees
or $500 annually
More than 2000 Attendees
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