Introducing SlideDraw for macOS

Live slide annotation designed for the presenter.

Watermarked demo, then unlock for $229 with In-App Purchase.

*Images courtesy of Fellowship Church

SlideDraw is a macOS-based live presentation image annotation app designed to work with most touch screens.**

Simple Control Panel interface for managing slides while a presentation is live.

Easy to use drawing interface for the iPad with Apple Pencil and touch displays.

Features designed specifically for the Live Production Environment


Dedicated clean output window for a 3rd display.


Both the marked-up image and the drawings stokes saved as a PNGs.


Drawings show throughout navigation.


Designed for assistance via the Control Panel.


Fade up or Down the Drawing Window to black.


Show or hide different parts of the Drawing User Interface.


Drawings show throughout navigation.

More Fun Facts

• Cursor size change via and CONTROL PANEL for the next drawing stroke.

• Several preset standard colors to draw with.

• UNDO button to remove past drawing strokes.

• CLEAR button to remove all the drawing strokes form your current image.

• Simply add in a white or black canvas with the CANVAS+ buttons.

• Want to just highlight? Use the highlight mode button. There is even a separate stroke size just for nightlight mode as well.

• Strokes are saved with each image so when you advance or return to that slide, they are right where you left them!

• With USE TOUCH NAVIGATION, you an easily slide left or right with your finder to change slides.

• Option to make the DRAWING WINDOW be in true full screen mode. Hiding the macOS dock and other things that could popup.

• Display sleep is disabled while the app is open. So no more screens going to sleep in the middle of your presentation.

• Move your mouse to the middle of the DRAWING WINDOW with a touch of a button in the CONTROL PANEL.


• Reorder support for a single slide.

• Ability to delete a single slide or quickly go to it on the CONTROL PANEL.

• Quicklook the selected slide in the CONTROL PANEL.

• Many different hot keys as described in the menu bar and below in our hotkeys section.

• Separate HIGHLIGHT MODE stroke size and opacity controls in the CONTROL PANEL.

• When drawing tools are disable, you can use “touch-based” navigation. Simply dragging your finger left or right to changes slides.

See Setup Guide
*One trial is available per purchasing Apple ID. Following trial period, the application output windows will be watermarked until a purchase is made or restored.
**Standard single mouse down, click and movement support. Different touch screen devices may present other forms of input and may require drivers provided by other manufacturers for additional costs. See our online setup guide for a few tested and recommended workflows.