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Welcome Share Social

By December 14, 2018July 22nd, 2020Apps, Share Social

Open, easy & self-service!

These were our main goals when seeking to re-work our previous Share App Platform. I’m excited to say, we have done it!

We believe Share Social is now the easiest and most cost effective way to help get YOUR content to YOUR teams and for them to disperse it across social media. Previously, this was only available through our more costly white-label program (more on that at the end) or sometimes through a very expensive social media management system.

What is Share Social?

In short, an iOS app that is publicly available on the Apple App Store that shows a feed of YOUR content. End users, see the feed, click on what they like, and then post away. Oh, and you can even include a caption.

How it works?

  1. First, make an account on ShareApp.Social.
  2. Select your market. Businesses or Church / Non-Profit. (more on markets in another blog post coming soon).
  3. Select the free trial or free tier. Or, paid plan if you want us to smile and go crazy!
  4. Enter you organization name and your “team” / subdomain name.
  5. Add you logo, pick a tint color.
  6. Invite users to help you manage content. Business accounts can also add “Content Viewers” as well.
  7. On the Content tab, add your first image or video. Put a caption and an optional start / end date of when the item will be available.
  8. Go to the App Store and get the Free Share Social app!
  9. Use the team name or your email to log in.
  10. Share away!

Pricing Models:

Businesses, churches and non-profits all have different use cases for how accessible content should be. Therefore, we have provided two different types of pricing.

Businesses use the app through a required login. You must have an authorized user to see your sharable content. Because of this, Share Social is billed per-user. But, good new for you! You can have FIVE users for absolutely FREE! This will be perfect for small businesses or marketing teams who need to disperse social media content quickly.

Churches and Non-profits:
When you create your Share Social account, you will pick a subdomain / team name. This is all that is needed to access your content in the Share Social app! No email login required. This will make it incredibly easy for you to get your church or organization on board to help share content. Simply download the iOS app and enter your team, name! ,You can vertically have as many app “users” as you would like.  Billing is simple. You can try everything for free for 14 days!. Then, honestly choose your perspective church and audience size to place your billing in the right spot.

What about the custom white-label apps?
Last, but not least. If you are currently a “Share App Platform”, white-label, or custom Share App customer, don’t worry. We are actually still fully open to now what we call the “white-label” program and will be maintaining the apps and the web dashboard! A white-tabled app makes sense for our large clients, churches and organizations.

We could not be more excited about the future and even more how this will help YOU empower brand ambassadors!

– Matt @WorkflowNetwork

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