Now living conveniently in your menubar!

Dark / Light Mode in action.

Simply drag & drop files (and folders) to the menu bar icon, then applicable actions will enable based upon what you have added. Then … just work away!

Image-based Utilities

Simple and quick actions to help make your job a little easier.

Format Convert

Convert your CR2s, HEICs, PSDs, TIFFs and other image formats seamlessly to PNG or JPG.

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Image Pad / Resize

Our favorite. Take those tall images and convert them to 1920×1080 and even with a blurred background.

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Image Resizer

Quick convert your RAW and other images to a max width to JPG and even give them a nice name in the process.

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File-based Utilities

Fix those file names and crazy folder structures.

Clean File Names

Use our recommended character sanitizer to keep file names friendly for your IT friends.

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Batch Rename

The easiest way to rename files with a number count.

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Flatten Folder

Simply take all the files out their subfolders and put them in one nice spot. Great for those RED ProRes workflows.

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Oh, and more!

A little Today Widget Extension to disable your Screen Saver and System Sleep. Pretty handy!